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Battery pack

(optional) Accessories

  • Type 1 lock

    Type 1 lock Steel safety lock + € 79.00

    ART4 class lock with build in alarm function (max 100Db alarm). Resistant to all weather conditions. The lock comes with 3 keys.
    ART 4 MBT 4074

  • Type 2 lock

    Type 2 lock Short stay lock + € 19.95

    Simple, sturdy, compact and light weight lock with a stainless-steel cable which is vinyl covered to protect from scratching. Useful when GiGi remains outside during meetings or shopping. The lock comes with 2 keys and has no ART classification.

  • Find your GiGi

    Find your GiGi GPS locator + € 199.00

    GPS tracker to always find your GiGi anywhere in the world with an App or portal on your computer. Equipped with batteries with a standby time of 10 years and more than 14,000 GPS tracks. GPS activates when GiGi is moved and sents position signal 5 minutes after stand still. A subscription for tracking is required. Cost from € 4,99/month.

  • Visibility

    Visibility Small mirror + € 27.50

    Compact black mirrors for installation in handle bar end. The GiGi comes standard with large upright mirrors.

  • Your unique GiGi

    Your unique GiGi Custom sticker + € 89.00

    Special custom-made set of 3 stickers according to your own specifications for onto both sides and front panel of the GiGi.

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