How much are the travel costs?

The travel costs are below 1€ per 100 km. The exact electricity costs or the necessary kilowatt hours are calculated on the basis of the consumption and the electricity tariffs.

How can I charge my GiGi electric scooter?

The GiGi can be charged by simply plugging it in at any socket.

What is the expected lifetime of my GiGi battery?

The high-quality Lithium-ion batteries can normally last at least 20.000 km. depending on charging cycles.

When should I charge the battery?

Since the batteries used by GiGi don’t have a memory effect, it is possible to charge them at any time, without having to fear any disadvantages for the durability of the battery. It even prolongs the lifetime of the battery.

What is battery deep discharge?

Never ride your battery totally empty and always try to charge your battery after a ride. This will not harm your battery, in fact, it is even better for the battery. Charging stops automatically when the battery is full and automatically loads when the battery voltage is too low.   The most common “mistake” is to store the GiGi after a ride, not charge and not use the GiGi for a long period of time. If the battery pack has been driven quite empty the battery will, as a result of so-called self-discharge, fall through the lower limit (lower threshold). In many of these cases the battery cannot be repaired anymore. Our warranty does not cover battery deep charge.  Our diagnostic software of the Battery Management System (BMS) shows us exactly what happened with the battery.

What is maximum load for the GiGi?

The GiGi is designed for use of 1 person with light luggage (maximum load of 100 kg.).

Is it allowed to drive on the street with the GiGi electric scooter?

The GiGi has a full EU homologation for either 25 km/h or 35 km/h depending per country. For the usage in The Netherlands the models up to 25 km/h require a driver’s license Class B (car driving licence) or AM (scooter driving licence).

How can I register my GiGi electric scooter?

The registration of a GiGi electric scooter is the same as for petrol scooters. GiGi will arrange registration in The Netherlands.

Why are no regenerative brakes being used in GiGi electric scooters?

The regenerative brake recovers energy when braking and gives it back as electricity. For cars this makes perfectly sense, because they got enough weight for using this effect. Since the GiGi scooters are much lighter, the effect would not make a measurable difference.

How does the charging curve happen at electric scooters and what does the curve look like?

To not damage the battery cells, the battery starts charging slowly, until the minimal tension is reached. Afterwards the charging speed is boosted to its maximum speed. For the last section of the process, the charging speed drops again. That is why the charging curve is never linear.

How big is the climbing ability of a GiGi electric scooter?

The climbing ability in Sport modus is approximately up to 18%.

Can I purchase a GiGi when I do not live in The Netherlands?

Initially, during 2016, we will only sell the GiGi in The Netherlands. Please contact us in case you live abroad.