About us

GiGi Nederland B.V. is a GiGi Coöperatief U.A. company founded and registered in The Netherlands.

GiGi teamed up with C10 Design & Development b.v, a company that has a great track record in creating successful products for companies such as Heineken, Dell and Philips, to develop an alternative to the folding bicycle. The design direction was to create an easy-to-handle, lightweight, practical, smart and contemporary Li-ion battery powered folding scooter.

After 4 years of intensive development and a five month test period with more than fifty daily GiGi users (male, female, young, old, personal or corporate) we are proud we officially launched the GiGi on May 18, 2016 with a lot of media attention.  The GiGi foldable E-Scooters are being delivered ever since.

GiGi is pioneering in a new mobility category: The first foldable E-Scooter (moped). We wish to become a market leader in highly compact, eco-friendly two-wheel transportation devices for modern business people, metropolitans, commuters and recreationalists, where the user participates easily and safely in the flow of traffic without having to step out of his or her comfort zone. Innovative products with new benefits.

Dutch Design and EU manufacturing using quality components and respecting the highest industry standards. Almost every GiGi part is unique. We designed it all from scratch, piece by piece.

GiGi has protected its intellectual property with registered patents in Europe, the United States of America, Canada, Japan, India and China.